Propagating the Kingdom of God through Wholesome Development.

The King’s Heroes is a department of youth within the Fountain of Life Churches International. The membership is drawn from ages 13 years to 30 years, youth of all ethnic backgrounds and nationalities within the local churches of Fountain of Life Churches International.

Currently the King’s Heroes have different programs and ministry expeditions – national youth day, national youth conference, regional conferences, seminars, retreats, camps, keshas. The Youth are given the freedom to exercise their gifting and graces within their local churches, presbyteries, regions and nationally. Other programs in the group include evangelism and outreach, discipleship and High School ministry.

Executive Summary

What will our department be like in 2022? The King’s Heroes are the youth department of the Fountain of Life Churches International committed to empowering her members through wholesome development to offer their unique gifts in service. During the past three years we held a series of discussions to assess where we are today and to develop a shared vision of where we want to go and what we want our department to be. The result was a vision statement and set of commitments to realize that vision. The assessment and the vision statement can be viewed as the end posts of a road marking a journey that the ministry is beginning to take. Having defined the start and the finish, it is necessary to define the best road to take us to the destination. This strategic plan accomplishes that purpose by defining goals and objectives that are consistent with our vision and our commitments, assigning responsibility for their accomplishment, and establishing a process for identifying milestone and dates for their completion. Overall we wish to establish a well-structured youth department keen in performing the work of ministry. The strategic planning process identified the following Strategic Goals:

1. To nurture the youth towards spiritual maturity

2. To enhance capacity among members to be better co-workers with Christ

3. To effectively utilize the youths spiritual gifts, talents and skills

4. To minister to the needs of the youth

5. To effectively manage resources

6. To build proper foundation for a strong church in the future

7. To propagate the kingdom of God

8. To ensure a total growth of young people spiritually, socially, economically and educationally

9. To promote cohesion among fountain life youth

10. To build professional caucus This strategic plan will be used to guide and promote the actions necessary to achieve our vision. It, therefore, should be reviewed every year and modified as necessary in light of changing circumstances.